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See the biographies below to learn more about the student and alumni Interior Design representatives on the Design Student and Alumni Board (DSAB).


Lauri Brachman

BS Student, Interior Design
Class of 2018
Lauri BrachmanHometown: Blaine, Minnesota

I joined the Design Student Alumni Board to increase my involvement in the College of Design and the University of Minnesota.I feel I bring a unique perspective to the board as a non-traditional student returning to pursue a second career after spending 20 years in commercial real estate administration.I look forward to networking with fellow students, alumni, and staff from the College of Design.






Becca Franzen

BS Student, Interior Design
Class of 2018becca franzen
Hometown: Plymouth, WI


I joined the Design Student Alumni Board to become more involved with the College of Design, as well as my fellow Interior Design students, and professionals in the field. I am very excited to network with students and professionals from across the college. I also look forward to help make the events that DSAB holds meaningful and helpful for the students.


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Ariane Laxo

BS 2011, Interior Design / BA 2011, MusicAriane Laxo
Interior Designer, HGA Architects & Engineers

As a member of the DSAB, I look forward to creating learning opportunities for students that extend beyond the classroom. In addition to helping students develop knowledge and skills relevant to interior design, I hope to work with the other majors represented on the board to create interdisciplinary learning experiences. We all work together collaboratively in the real world – let’s create a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment within the College of Design.


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Lucy T. Penfield

Master of Liberal Studies 2014, Design Thinking (U of MN interdisciplinary degree)Lucy Penfield
Design Principal, Lucy Interior Design


Passionate about Interior Design and all things visual, my involvement with DSAB is a perfect opportunity to continue the rich design dialogue with students and professionals. As a professional, I enjoy partnering with the College of Design Internship and Mentorship Programs. The relationships with our students continue to be rewarding. Excited about the synergy between disciplines, I hope DSAB will practice Design Thinking to maintain and further enhance the College of Designas a leader in the 21st Century.


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