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Contrary to common belief, architects do far more than design buildings; they have long been engaged with design at multiple scales, from small-scale furniture design to new city plans. Architecture offices come in all shapes and sizes. Some specialize in a particular building type, such as residential or commercial; others market their versatility. Some work with clients and contractors, while still others design and build their own projects. Some firms design only buildings, and some design events, identities, furniture, landscapes, transportation systems, and even cities.

Graduating undergraduate architecture students have many choices to make, depending upon their interest areas within architecture. They can work for a private architecture firm, a city planning department, a design division at a corporation, a university research center, or a film studio. The education of an architect provides valuable training for many related careers. Students can also choose to apply to the professional Master of Architecture (M. Arch) program to work toward becoming a licensed architect.